From Concept to Market

From α (Alpha amino acids) to π (Peptides) and to ω (Omega hydroxy ceramides), modern cosmetic formulas (skin care, hair care, body care…) need concepts based on science, understanding of skin and hair physiology, innovative mechanisms of action and marketing appeal.

20 years of wide ranging experience in the field allow me to propose my services to assist your Company in the above tasks for bringing Beauty Ideas to the Beauty Counter, from Mass Market to Luxury Brand, from Anti-age to Whitening, from Me-too to Exclusive High-Tech.

- To find Ideas that can be translated into Beauty Products

- To evaluate the Science and Technology and estimate the value behind the offerings on the market

- To help evaluate the safety of the finished product (study of the ingredient profile, the formulas, the applications).

- To help understand and implement the regulatory aspects.

- To translate the Science into consumer compatible language and concepts, and to adapt the "Mix" of Science and Marketing language to the level of the audience's understanding (Press, Sales and Marketing teams, Consumers, Authorities, …) in written or oral presentations (in English, French, German or Spanish).

- To broaden the international appeal and take the products abroad ...

===== are the key steps to success in which I propose to assist you. =====

Flexible contractual arrangements (per diem , per hour or project linked) are proposed.

Contact me at or at +336 08 77 68 66.