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Degree in Chemical Engineering from Vienna University (Austria)

PhD in Biochemistry from the same University

Professional Experience

1973-1983: 10 years of Research in Biological Peptides at the Nuclear Research Centre in Saclay, France (>30 papers in biochemistry and biophysics published)

1983-1989: Laboratory Manager, then Marketing Manager (product development and worldwide technical support for sanitation and hygiene in Food Industry)

1990- 1996: Technical Director at SEDERMA (development of innovative Active Cosmetic Ingredients)

1997- 2007: Managing Director (CEO) SEDERMA

2007-2010: Technical Advisor to Enterprise Technology/CRODA

Independent Consultant to the Cosmetic Industry, President of KAL'IDEES S.A.S.


    o This involved people management, transfer of corporate policies to an SME, cultural adaptation, worldwide travel

• Introduction of the Peptides concept to cosmetic applications("MATRIXYL®")
    o Peptides have become a major innovation tool in the development of science based active cosmetics

• Inventor on several dozens of patents

•Published numerous articles and book chapters on cosmetic ingredients

• Edited Book on Regulatory Issues (Global Regulatory Issues for the Cosmetic Industry, Vol. 2)

Expert witness in litigation

• Speaker at numerous international events, scientific and technico-commercial conferences and symposia on related subjects
    o Recognized as an accomplished, charismatic multilingual speaker  (English, French, German, Spanish)

• Member of the board of :
    o the SFC (Société Française de Cosmétologie )2010-2012
    o Cosmetic Valley (France) and President of its Scientific Council (2003-2010)
    o EFfCI (European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (2006-2010)
    o Member and Chair of COSA (Committee of Scientific Affairs of SCC) 2008-2011

Teaching on cosmetic topics at engineering schools.

• Won a number of innovation awards for SEDERMA


Winner of the Maison de Navarre Medal of the SCC / USA in December 2013

Winner of the In-Cosmetics Lifetime Achievement Award, April 2013 in Paris

¹ SEDERMA is the world leading company in developing innovative active cosmetic ingredients